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IREM on Watch for Legislative Action

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Top 3 on Watch ESA's - Marijuana - Flood Insurance “The biggest issue is education,” says Watts. “Every state is different in its approach to legalization. Property managers need to be educated on what their states’ laws are with regard to medical...

Birmingham ranked among the top American Cities of the Future

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This last decade has been about changes for the betterment of a city and the people who make it. And it's not going unnoticed. New mass transit system, new hotels, new hospitals, new restaurants, renovated convention center and brand new sports stadium. By the time the World ...

8 Things to Know About SoHo Retro Furniture shop in Homewood

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Soho Retro was one of the first tenants to setup shop in the newly renovated spaces.  We had just finished a major renovation on the corner units in Homewood for our client, stripping several units to bare bones; and Steve's been there ever since.  We just want to t...

Help Change A Kids Life With YMCA Camp Cosby

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Watts Realty, and the Watts family, has been a long time supporter of the YMCA. We support many Y's including Blue Ridge Assembly, Greater Birmingham, and Camp Cosby. We have been blessed that our Clients & Staff have given and raised over $500,000 over the last 50+ years...

Property Management As A Career?

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"Property Management is a viable trade option you may not have thought about." Chip Watts speaking to JPM Magazine regarding the career paths available within the industry.   check it out here...
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