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Rental Properties and Craigslist Scams

Property Management Blog
I was sifting through some property management news recently when I came across yet another report of an unsuspecting family that had found a home on Craigslist.com, paid money to someone out of country and moved all their personal belongings into the property, only to find out j...

Birmingham Business Journal Highlights Flats on 4th Project

Property Management Blog
Yesterday the Birmingham Business Journal ran another article by Brent Goodwin about affordable living in downtown Birmingham with all the new residential apartment construction. It is subscriber content, so I can't give you too much, but here is a little taste of the important ...

Topgolf Coming to Birmingham!

Local real estate experts are hopeful that a new Topgolf location in downtown Birmingham could mean big things for the future of the city. "Topgolf is an entertainment venue many of our clients have experienced in other metros and have expressed as a 'wish-list' item when discuss...

Watts highlighted on WBHM National Public Radio

Property Management Blog
Chip was interviewed by Gigi Douban of WBHM earlier this month for a National Public Radio segment about Birmingham's downtown and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Here's a little something from the article. You have to click the link to learn more and listen to the segment. ...

Holler & Dash to Homewood for some Brunch!

Property Management Blog
Go get some food from our new Tenant, Holler & Dash at 2801 18th Street South! Oh yes, we know social media is about shameless plugs nowadays, so get ready!!! After you eat, stop by Soho Retro to browse (& buy!) for some new stuff for your house, then get a haircut at S...
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