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IREM on Watch for Legislative Action

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Top 3 on Watch ESA's - Marijuana - Flood Insurance “The biggest issue is education,” says Watts. “Every state is different in its approach to legalization. Property managers need to be educated on what their states’ laws are with regard to medical...

Property Management As A Career?

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"Property Management is a viable trade option you may not have thought about." Chip Watts speaking to JPM Magazine regarding the career paths available within the industry.   check it out here...

Chip Watts Participates in IREM Economic Panel in Richmond Virginia

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Our very own Chip Watts was featured in an economic panel in Richmond, VA this week. While Chip was on stage with three economists (including Congressman Dave Brat), he held his own as the business expert. He took all the numbers the economists were throwing out there (like GDP, ...

IREM Lunch Event at Flats On 4th

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Here is a candid picture of IREM's lunch event Tuesday at Flats on 4th. Look at all of Alabama's well known Real Estate Brokers chilling out in our lounge talking about the current status & future viability of the multifamily market. ...

Economic Outlook for 2018

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The following is an exert from Nov/Dec 2017 edition of the Journal of Property Management by Joseph Dobrian... "The consensus among property management specialists and other real estate services professionals is that 2018 will be another strong year for real estate generally, ...
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