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In A Murky Office Market, Go Bold: NAREE Panel

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Uncertainty in the office sector sometimes makes long-term planning seem next to impossible these days. Yet even if leasing activity has slowed to a crawl in many cases, office operators and property managers have plenty of opportunity to get out in front of the trends that are c...

It's Turkey For Tenants Day!

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It's Turkey Day!!! Well, not quite yet. However, today at Watts Realty it's Turkey's for Tenants Day!  Eligible tenants remember to bring those letters with you to claim your turkey.  Also check out this post from Bham Now for a little history of why we...

Organic Leadership Growth Comes from Invovlement and Giving Back

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The following article was featured in National Real Estate Investor Magazine.The path of our careers is much like our very lives. As they mature, different needs come to the forefront. Early on, we might be looking for ground-level education, recognition, and establishment. Later...

Bham Real Estate Pro Lobbies White House on Eviction Ban Impact

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Along with representatives from the Institute of Real Estate Management as well as the National Association of Realtors,Chip Watts of Watts Realty Co. Inc. and IREM president elect met with officials on Sept. 15 to voice their concerns.The group told officials at the National Eco...

Breaking Down $1 of Rent

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There exists a misconception that rental housing owners enjoy large margins and can continue operating in the absence of rent payments. With so much discussion around rent payments during COVID-19, the rental housing industry would like to explain the breakdown of $1 dollar of re...

From The Front Lines

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Chip has been involved in national discussions regarding rent abatement and concessions as well as the impact of such concessions/abatements on the back-end with landlords failing to pay mortgages due to lack of rental income. It's a 15-minute podcast with great information!&...
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