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In A Murky Office Market, Go Bold: NAREE Panel

Uncertainty in the office sector sometimes makes long-term planning seem next to impossible these days. Yet even if leasing activity has slowed to a crawl in many cases, office operators and property managers have plenty of opportunity to get out in front of the trends that are changing the sector. 

That was a central message sent Wednesday by a panel of executives during the National Association of Real Estate Executives’ virtual conference. For office operators, the situation is the most fluid in recent memory, but that is all the more reason to ramp up efforts to adapt. 

“We’ve been looking into our crystal ball and it’s pretty cloudy,” said Robert Fields, president & CEO of Patrinely Group. Office occupants are... https://www.cpexecutive.com/post/in-a-murky-office-market-go-bold-naree-panel/

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