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Grants Mill Road Land For Sale

We try not to put too many "listings" on our Facebook, but this one
holds a special place with us. Mr. Hawkins brought on this listing many,
many years ago. It was quite a large parcel that we have sold in pieces
over multiple transactions. Shades Valley High School campus was part
of this land originally. We worked with ALDOT when Grants Mill Road
needed to cut across this land. We recently sold 34 acres to a Single
Family Home developer for a new neighborhood. All that remains
- 29.05 acres. Perfect for a Publix development, retail, residential
development, or even office park - as the location has only gotten
better over the years at the intersection of Grants Mill Road & Old
Leeds Road.

Our family is in the real estate business to serve other families that own real
estate. The man that owned this land, when Mr. Hawkins listed it for
him, passed it on to his three daughters. Those daughters passed it on
to the third generation over these past few years. We are proud to be a
fourth generation company representing multiple generations of family
owned properties - both in brokerage & management.

Merry Christmas! Please enjoy the time with your family over the holiday season, as we & our Clients do the same. ~ David

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